Our Story

Formed by industry veterans Vince Zampella and Larry Pacey, Particle City is a mobile game development company backed by Respawn Entertainment and Nexon. We focus in creating original mobile games that center on competition and a strong player community.

Our Values

Particle City is at the crossroads of art & science for interactive entertainment and built upon our company’s core values…


Our History

Vince Zampella and Larry Pacey connected several years ago around a singular vision to build a new kind of mobile gaming company – one centered on player connectivity and competition. That shared vision led to the formation of Particle City. The company was built from the ground up with a goal of advancing the mobile player experience.

As Particle City became a reality, Vince and Larry assembled a dream team from prior working relationships and collaborations spanning more than 20 years and three previous ventures. The result is a team with deep technical knowledge, complementary skills and a unique sense of cohesion based on decades of working together.


Larry Pacey
Co-Founder and CEO
Larry’s background is steeped in video games and interactive entertainment. Most recently, Larry led casino manufacturer WMS Gaming’s global product strategy, with responsibility for 800+ game development, engineering, R&D, product management and marketing.


Vince Zampella
Co-Founder and Creative Advisor
Vince is the co-founder of Infinity Ward and co-creator of the highly successful Call of Duty franchise. He is currently the CEO of Respawn Entertainment which successfully launched Titanfall for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC to critical global acclaim.

Our People

Particle City has a physical presence on both coasts with offices in Los Angeles, California and Orlando, Florida.

Particle City West

Our LA team shares a campus with Respawn. This close proximity builds a foundation for a shared and consistent vision in our games.


Particle City East

Our east coast team is based in the creative and entertainment hub of downtown Orlando, FL.